Give Them a Solid Base Layer of Warmth for Better Comfort Outdoors
You know to tell them to put on their coat or pack it in their backpack. You know to check the forecast to see how warm they should dress. But even diligent parents overlook the benefits the right kids’ base layers can bring for outdoor comfort and their whole day. Cabela’s has you and your kids covered with the best children’s base layers to make sure they stay warm and ready for adventure.

When they’re reaching the age of confident exploration, whether that means trekking into the Great Outdoors or varsity tryouts, they’ll need the best kids’ clothes to help them stay on top of their game. Cabela’s carries a variety of long johns and children’s base layers for all their pursuits, with top brands like Watson’s, Under Armour, RedHead, and more.

When it’s chilly, windy, or especially when it’s downright cold, core warmth makes all the difference. A shivering frame won’t get any job done well, from outdoor work to athletic training or just putting their best foot forward. Watson’s Heat Long-John Base Layer Bottoms for Boys or Girls provide tailored comfort with great heat retention in a next-to-skin fit without the compression squeeze. The great fit means they’ll only feel the warmth.

Kids with the drive to join the cross-country team or simply train in less-than-ideal conditions need athletic base layers, and Under Armour delivers. The Under Armour ColdGear Base Layer Shirt for Boys or Girls gives them a performance edge, thanks to a dual-layer design that keeps them warm without slowing them down. When they break out ahead of the pack, you’ll know they had the right training gear.

When the snow falls or winter’s chill fills the air, baby needs extra warmth even when you keep the thermostat up. Watson’s Soft and Cozy base layers for babies or toddlers help little frames beat the chill in adorable style.

If you’re trying to teach them how to enjoy a new spinning rod, showing them how to aim from the tree stand, or making the annual trip into the woods with new camping gear, even if they want to learn, their focus won’t last if their warmth doesn’t. Outfit them with the right base layer to make better memories, and find that perfect kids’ base layer online or in stores at Cabela’s, the World’s Foremost Outfitter.

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