Cool Kids’ Accessories for Kids’ Cool Styles
Accessories really do make the outfit, especially as a kid. The right kids’ clothing accessories will give the wearer more confidence and a more positive outlook knowing they’re wearing their own individual style. Cabela’s has an awesome selection of kids’ accessories from top brands like The North Face, Grand Sierra, Under Armour, and more, for options you’ll both love.

Accessorizing can start from day 1. Our assortment of Bass Pro Shops baby blankets and baby swaddles come in authentic camo patterns from industry leaders like TrueTimber, giving you the same camo you’ll see on hunting clothing and everyday outdoor fashion. Animal pattern prints and outdoor-themed plaid give extra choices for warming up baby in style.

Kids love independence and individuality. Hey, we all do. When kids first learn their own interests and preferences, it’s a fun and adorable time, if a bit testing for the grown-ups occasionally. But when kids get to pick their own fashion accessories and grown-ups approve, everyone wins. We carry kids’ watches with wide-ranging designs just for kids, as well as seasonal accessories like gloves and beanies to keep them warmer and safer. These finishing touches give kids the opportunity to choose their own style of winter headwear or kids’ timepiece, and they give you the peace of mind to know they’ll have better weather protection and at least one less excuse for coming home late.

Whether they’re playing outdoor games, trying out new bass jigs in windy conditions, or hitting the trails in their Ascend bike, kids neec neck protection. Give them some style at the same time with a wind-blocking neck gaiter from Quagga or World Wide Sportsman in fun prints. They’ll prevent sunburn and windburn while sporting an individualized look.

Browse our selection in stores or online and see how to the World’s Foremost Outfitter can help you turn a simple gesture into a lasting memory.

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