The Day’s Plans Always Call for Specific Shorts or Pants
You wouldn’t dress them in jeans to play with water toys on a hot day. That’s a job for athletic shorts. No matter how kids intend to spend the day, the right shorts or pants can help them do it better. It’s important to plan beyond just the weather. That’s why Cabela’s carries wide-ranging kids’ pants, overalls, and shorts, giving kids and parents variety that fits their style and their plans.

Kids’ overalls typically accompany outdoor work or helping inside with projects like painting, if your little helper can handle the task. Kids’ overalls like Carhartt Quilt-Lined Duck Bib Overalls for Boys combine Carhartt-strong construction with the soft, smooth fit of a quilt lining to deliver maximum ruggedness with smooth layering and all-day comfort. Camo bibs like Bass Pro Shops TrueTimber Camo Overalls for Babies or Toddlers bring authentic TrueTimber camo and legendary durability to hold up through outside chores or a hard day getting tons of attention.

Kids’ shorts have activity-specific design to match their adventures. Terry shorts feel extra soft, perfect for cozy comfort while playing outdoor games or relaxing inside while watching birds stop by the feeder. Kids’ fishing shorts like Huk Pursuit shorts have fast-drying fabric designed just for watery conditions, shedding splash faster so kids stay drier and more ready to help Dad or Mom use a fishing multitool to cut line and tie on a sinker before casting.

The right pants help kids look and feel their best on the water, in the field, or in town. Columbia Silver Ridge IV Convertible Pants can switch from pants to shorts just by zipping off the pant legs, giving kids twice the convenience and you twice the value. Flannel-lined pants provide a warming boost and fantastic softness while resembling standard, everyday pants on the outside. This style makes a great choice for looking semi-formal on windy or chilly days. Classic 5-pocket denim jeans provide the durability kids need when playing with anything messy or for a go-to option for versatile comfort and ruggedness.

When they or you pick out the next day’s clothes, consider the best shorts or pants for the job, and consider the next pairs online or in stores at Cabela’s, the World’s Foremost Outfitter.

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